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FOFWRAP Newsletter 4: Wrapping up an eventful year

Planning permission granted

A full planning application was submitted to Harrogate District Council in September and, on 23 November, news was received that the application had been approved. There were no objections to the application but lots of positive comments in favour of the proposal so thank you to all those who took time to register and post a comment. It’s now full steam ahead to fundraise and build our new wildlife, recreation and play area, Follifields.


After a successful tender process concluded in July 2016, Playscheme was selected as the preferred provider of playground equipment for Follifields. Based just outside York, Playscheme is a family-run company with over 20 years of experience, specialising in timber-based play equipment. Its fantastic designs were unveiled to the village at a presentation afternoon at the beginning of September.


Over 85 people attended the recent Folliwood event held in the Village Hall in November and a whopping £1,250 was raised. This will help towards the cost of the legal fees associated with negotiating the lease.
Our next big task is to raise the £70,000 needed to make the project a reality. A grant application to WREN is currently being prepared and a further application will be made to Awards for All. If successful these will contribute up to £45,000. However, even to apply for the WREN funding, we must raise a further £1500 before the end of February.

How you can help

Look out for our green collection boxes in the shop and the pubs and please drop your spare change in… every penny counts.
If you would like to donate a larger amount we have a community bank account with Barclays. The account details are: Sort Code: 20-37-13, Account Number: 73445429
Alternatively, if you work for a company or organisation that supports charitable causes or community initiatives please let us know and we will get in touch with them. You can email us at

We thank you for your continued support.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!